CRYO21 Body
Cryo21 slimming and firming
First session SPECIA PRICE (come and try)(95.00) 60.00
One session95.00
6  sessions (570.00) 450.00
Now every 3. body care session  -50%
2 x 95.00 + 47.50

Cryo21 cellulite care
One session50.00
5 sessions225.00
10 sessions400.00
Cryo21 fysio
Fysio 1 sesson                                        45.00

CRYO21 Face
Cryo21 firming and refreshing f

First session face care

(40.00) 35.00
Cryo21 firming and refreshing face care40.00
Cryo21 pinguldav hooldus näole + boost huultele Face&Lips50.00
Cryo21 neck- and decollete care50.00
Cryo21 face-, neck- and decollete care65.00
Cryo21 boost lip  40.00
Cryo21 specific care
Couperose / acne care one session40.00
Couperose / acne care 5 sessions180.00